Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Take: Thankful trees

Hi. My name is Katie and I am a pinterest addict.

Not because I am crafty and creative, but because I am NOT. However, pinterest makes me think, "Mmm.... I could do that." And sometimes I can and sometimes.... not so much.

Hence, my take Tuesdays. I will be giving you “my take” of a pin off pinterest. It will be a random conglomeration of things- decorating, recipes, fun for the kids, craftiness, and even cleaning tips. Seeing as I have already tried a few pins that did not go, you might say, “as planned,” this should be fun. Plus, it will keep me from endlessly pinning away and actually make me try them out! Enjoy!

This is my thankful tree in our living room. I had the glass vase, the fun autumn "greenery," which is not green, and the burlap. All I had to buy was the sticks. Ugh, yes, I bought fake sticks. But I really like this and I thought it be worth it to not have to go hunting for new ones every year. Plus I had a Michael's coupon. The glass beads in the bottom were not in the original pin. I think I actually like it better without them, but I had already put it together and was not taking it apart when I realized this. I also purchased some fun fall scrapbook paper and cardstock for my little circles to go on the tree.

Here is the original pin and a few more pics


This is the kid’s thankful tree in our homeschool room. The bark is made out of felt. Again this is a little more expensive than craft paper, but it is reusable next year. I had planned to use felt leaves as well, but I found another use for that felt, a future pinterest project. I opted for the ones shown below that I also found at Michael's. They are pre-cut and ready to go on the tree. I don't mind putting in the work for something that we can use again, but, in all honesty, the idea of cutting out 45+ leaves that would have to be thrown away just did not appeal to me.

This is the other original pin and picture of our leaves. I plan on adding a Bible verse across the bottom of the tree during school today but it did not happen in time for the picture. I am really looking forward to doing this with the kids. I have been thinking a lot about thankfulness over the past few days... more to come on that later.
Our leaves. Hope you enjoyed!
May you have a great November 1st and be filled with thankfulness for all the Lord's blessings!


  1. Pinterest...a never ending hole of ideas that I feel like I will never get to. Although I am this week going to try out a few Christmas things. I am really looking forward to these Tuesday posts!

  2. I put up our Thankful Tree tonight. Thanks for posting the idea.