Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Take: How NOT to cook

Well, I had high, high hopes for this pin but I ended up needing this pin. Yes, my dear friends, the pin that I had just looked at the day before my cooking catastrophe: the most common cooking mistakes. 

Ok, catastrophe is a bit of an overstatement, but I had REALLY been looking forward to trying this first pin out. Unfortunately, my mistake made it not worth the billions of calories in each bite.

If you open the second pin and look at mistake #2 You will find this nugget of cooking wisdom.

"2. You don’t read the entire recipe before you start cooking.

Result: Flavors are dull, entire steps or ingredients get left out.

Even the best-written recipes may not include all the headline information at the top. A wise cook approaches each recipe with a critical eye and reads the recipe well before it’s time to cook. Follow the pros' habit of gathering your mise en place―that is, having all the ingredients gathered, prepped, and ready to go before you turn on the heat."

Yes, I had forgotten an ingredient. In fact I started melting my butter before realizing I did not even have something for the recipe. In my haste to run to the nearest store and purchase it, I had forgotten to add something else very important.

This concoction should have been amazing. After tasting it and not being too impressed, I got back on the blog and read the reviews: raves from everyone. Then I glanced back up at the recipe and my little heart sank. I had forgotten the vanilla. This was not fixable. I now had a whole pan of very-fattening, should-have-been-amazing, something-is-missing chocolate and peanutty goodness.

I thought of many fixes until I came up with this beautiful idea.

Here it is- warmed in the microwave with a little extra vanilla ice cream just to be sure. In the end not too bad. However, I think that the original recipe followed to a "t" would have been better, but, alas, this post is not about the recipe it is about those cooking mistakes. So, with Thanksgiving right around the corner and all of us ladies pulling out those family recipes, maybe you needed this little reminder at the expense of my pride. I know I sure did....

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