Monday, November 28, 2011

My Take: Christmas Lights Pictures

Upon reading a friend's facebook status about having taken no, not one picture of her precious third born during Thanksgiving, it hit me that Andrew had napped through Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas tree decorating. We had taken him to look at Christmas lights with us, but, of course, that was because we could not leave him at home alone. Oh, those precious, poorly photographed third born children.

However, my husband took my first and second born out of the house for a few hours to give me some much needed rest after my family departed on Saturday. Lots and lots of cooking and late night wii games will do that to you. I took that opportunity to take a few pictures of my precious little guy. Hope you enjoy!

By the way, I used this pin for my camera settings complete with the tripod. And I used this pin for some black and white photo editing tips.  I am definitely an amateur but I had fun with it. Also keep in mind that he is 10 months and does not sit still long. (If you are doing this by yourself- be ready to snap as many as possible in the first 3 minutes that he is enamored with the lights because it won't last long.) I have posted a few of those unedited for your amusement. :)

 The one above is before I edited for brightness and contrast. The one below is edited and cropped. I also made the colors cooler which brought in the slight blue hue on this particular one.

And a few of the outtakes.... Insert your own soundbite of, "No, Andrew, stay there...." to no avail. :)

And our personal favorite.
 He is so precious.... and now he can never say that there are no pictures of him.


  1. How adorable is my second nephew!! Kate I am in love with these photos. You did such a good job!

  2. Those are PRECIOUS pictures! What a fun idea. I'll have to take a look at that pin. :)

  3. Awesome pictures! You have a very good eye and an adorable subject!