Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Take: Blue & White Pumpkins

My Take Tuesday: Blue and White Pumpkins.
I will admit pinterest had me kind of stumped on this one. I knew I wanted something "fallish" and blue because our dining room is mostly blue. And orange and blue do not go together in our house. Let's just say I wash a whole load of crimson weekly during football season. So we do orange everywhere except in our dining room. 
I found this pin which got my creative juices working on the blue pumpkins. And this pin gave me the inspiration for the glass hurricanes. Obviously, I changed a lot so that I could keep my colors simple, but the concept is similar.
I started with the hurricanes, which I already had. Some friends(Thank you, Wards!) brought me some acorns from their house. I mixed in the blue glass stones for some color. 1 bag of small pine cones went on top of the acorns. I totally cheated(another pin that I used but could not find) because there is actually an upside down glass hidden in the middle of this. I used it for 2 reasons. One I had to use less filler and because I wanted the glass candle holder on top to sit on something firm.

I found the blue pumpkin at Wal-mart of all places. The white pumpkins came from our favorite Pumpkin Patch.

Obviously since I could not find much on pinterest, blue and white pumpkins are not the most common fall decor but I loved having something in our dining room this Fall season!

“But we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will GIVE THANKS to you forever;from generation to generation we will recount your PRAISE.”
Psalm 79:13

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